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Happy Wednesday! Well, it’s halfway through the work week and I thought that a little Nerd inspiration would make you smile!

Go ahead–Let your inner nerd out! (I can’t be the only one who covets all this awesome nerd-goodness?)

Wednesday Inspiration- Nerds!

1. Carbon Glass Period Table Tile Necklace – Tan and Gray

2. Nerdy Baby 1 2 3 Flash Cards

3. Black 20 Sided Dice Cufflinks 20d

4. Helvetica for Typography Nerds

5. 4 Geekery Drinking Glasses

6. Nerd Notecards/Postcards

7. Nerd Girl Magnet

8. I would call him WOODROW – Toy Windup Robot Fine Art Photography

9. Sci-Fi Blue Police Phone Booth Gadget Case

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