Happy Tuesday! Welcome to my weekly Crafty Connections! Every week I scour the interwebs and gather tutorials, tips, other helpful links in order to help with your handmade craft business. In addition, I’ll post links to cool crafts I’ve seen, and blogs I think are worth following.

  • Tagtastic!
    Mary Tap-Product Tags
    This is an excellent tool to help Etsy sellers efficiently manage and tag their items for better visibility.
  • Shutter Sisters

    Shutter Sisters
    Shutter Sisters is a wondeful blog committed to honoring and celebrating the beauty that women behind cameras can capture. It’s amazing and inspiring. You should definitely check this out and add it to your RSS feed!

Do you know of any good handmade craft marketing resources I should include in the next Crafty Connections post? Please don’t hesitate to email me, or leave the link(s) in the comments section! I would love to be able to share these great resources with everyone! Also, are these links helpful to you? Let me know! I appreciate the feedback!!!! Thanks!