Hello! Happy Wednesday! I don’t know about you, but I could use some extra inspiration (and another cup of coffee or two) today! It’s been so brisk out, especially in the mornings (yesterday I saw frost in the forest preserve across the street from my apartment!) There’s no denying it– Autumn is here and so are the pumpkins! I’m seeing them everywhere now! I hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday Inspiration- Pumpkins!

1. Tiny Pumpkins -3 dozen

2. p U m P k I n – dark red / orange plaid flannel – medium – 19 inch round

3. You Are My Pumpkin Pie card

4. Handmade Decorative Pumpkin in Harvest Gold

5. Earrings In Gunmetal With Black Swarovski Crystals And Vintage Lucite Beads

6. Chunky knit lil pumpkin hat newborn sized.

7. Season’s bounty… fall pumpkins fine art still life photo

8. Harvest Knowme

9. DIY Printable Lil’ Pumpkin Collection-CUSTOMIZABLE