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okay, it’s day 6 and I’m STILL Sick. Seriously, this cold will not go away. I am feeling well enough to sit like a zombie on the couch with the laptop for a little bit (though, i strongly suspect a nap in the near future.)

Anyways, here’s a little recap and photos from last weekend’s exciting trip down south to the great state of Texas…

Saturday: Left O’hare. Waiting for the plane was a bit exciting as there was a loud “boom” outside on the tarmac. A plane might have hit one of those little luggage cars (seemed too big a boom for that) or maybe popped a tire? Not sure. There were a bunch of ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars surrounding that plane. Thankfully, no one was safety sliding down to the tarmac!!! (Also thankful it didn’t affect our takeoff!) Arrived in Texas, picked up the rental car, finally found the hotel. (OMG! The highways and roads in the DFW area are CRAZY!) All was good though. Met up with R and V, his beautiful soon-to-be-wife, and chatted all evening! They are really really wonderful and funny people and I’m so glad I went to visit them!


crazy highway 01

Sunday: Went to the Fort Worth Botanical Garden for a little bit in the morning. Wow. Talk about things being bigger in Texas! This Garden was HUGE!!! I really only had enough time to go through the Japanese Garden! (It’s sooooooo pretty! I love it and I have to go back!) Sunday afternoon was spent getting all dolled up for the wedding, and then, the big event! The wedding was gorgeous! It was in a Romanian Orthodox Church– it was by far one of the most beautiful churches I’ve seen. My photos really don’t do it justice! The ceremony was mostly in Romanian, but I am assured that my friends are, indeed, married! (yay!!!)

fort worth garden 01

wedding 02

wedding 01

Monday: Only two words can describe Monday. Waffle. House. I know, I know, it’s a cheap diner restaurant chain. I was told that I should go to Ihop beacause it’s better. But we have Ihops here in Chicago (lots of them) We don’t have Waffle Houses (the nearest one is 186mi away in middle-of-nowhere Indiana.) It’s a darn shame too. So yummy!

Waffle House

Thankfully the flight home Monday afternoon was uneventful and here I am, on Monday, a week later, going through photos all the photos and nursing a cold (still). All in all, it was a really nice weekend. R, V, and their friends are awesome (they are really trying hard to get me to play WOW and move down to Texas…) and I’m super happy that I went. I’d definitely go back. I hear there’s a lot to see in Texas! 🙂

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