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Hello!! I am sooooo excited to introduce you to this week’s Featured Handmade Artist– BeckyM! Becky’s shop has some of the cutest and most creative felt food creations I’ve seen yet. So fun and so yummy looking!

Featured Handmade Artist BeckyM
Some of the fun creations that Becky has created include a banana that you can peel and pumpkin pie! Becky’s food creations and photography also have been published in “DDN Cucine International Kitchen” How awesome is that?! Here are a few more examples of the wonderful felt food creations in Becky’s shop:

Featured Handmade Artist Becky M

Hi Becky!!! Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Becky. I currently live in Florida even though my husband is military so we move every few years. My main job is to stay at home with my two daughters (who are 9 months and 4 years old).

What is the first craft project you remember making?

It’s either going to be hair scrunchies (I’m definitely grew up in the 80s) or little dollhouse blankets.

Where does your inspiration come from?

I get a lot of inspiration from nature. For my foods, it usually starts with the things I bake at home but also my customers help with ideas.

Can you please describe some of your creative process?

I usually come up with my best ideas as I lay in bed right before I’m about to fall asleep. After that, I just wing it when it comes to new patterns for the food. Sometimes I perfect it the first time (like pear) other foods (like garlic and sweet potato) have taken a number of tries. This process is the most fun for me. I like the challenge.

What is your most prized handmade possession?

My mom did a lot of quilting when I was growing up. She became really sick from cancer and passed away when I was 13. All of her quilt tops and fabric went to her best friend. As a wedding present, her best friend had HAND quilted one of the tops my mom had made years ago. I am still so touched by the thought and time that she took to finish it. It was a complete surprise. It was the best gift I have ever received. And I cried like a baby after opening it. : )

If you could give one piece of advice to a new etsy seller, what would it be?

Take great pictures of your product.

What are some of the ways you promote your work?

I have a blog but really that’s about it. Quite honestly, I don’t advertise because I can’t keep up with all the orders I currently working on along with keeping stock in the store. Every once in awhile I will do giveaways on other crafter’s blogs.

What are three websites you couldn’t live without?

Etsy (of course), Google Reader (talk about a time saver!), and Flickr (the photographs people take are just amazing)

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

A mother of teenagers! Yikes!

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Flying. I hate driving in traffic.

Thank you so much Becky! Your shop, and your felt creations are amazing! I hope you all have a chance to check out Becky’s shop!!!!

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