Hello!!! This weeks inspiration is all about squirrels! Check out some of the cutest squirrel related items I found surfing (ahem! researching) etsy…

Wednesday Inspiration- SQUIRRELS!

1. In the Woodland Fabric (not vinyl) Wall Decals – large, by Jillian Phillips

2. Acorn Necklace Autumns Harvest

3. Squirrel print 5×7

4. sterling squirrel necklace

5. BOX OF TEN Holiday/Christmas Squirrel Cards

6. Red Squirrel – merino fingering

7. Its My Acorn… Its Mine…Its Mine – Squirrel and his Precious Acorn – Ice Age Inspired, Adorable, Whimsical

8. 6 Wool Acorns- Yellow and White Felted Acorns.

9. Belchik – The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel Plush – Made to order