Things have been really scary and hectic on the homestead front. Last Thursday my grandma fell and hit her head really bad and we rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, nothing was broken. She did have a ginormous bump on her head and the doctors were worried about her getting a subdural hematoma so they kept her for observation and ran a whole bunch of tests to see if they could find the cause of her dizziness and falling. Friday night she had a really really scary reaction to a drug they gave her that was supposed to sedate her a bit (think: bad acid trip, or, more accurate, Linda Blair from The Exorcist) It was truly frightening and unbelievable.

After four days in the hospital, the doctors found nothing wrong and sent her home Sunday afternoon. She seemed fine Sunday. She was walking around, ate dinner, stayed up and chatted and watched some TV with us. Yesterday, however, she was way worse. We almost took her back to the hospital….She’s slightly better today (as of this morning when I called home) We’ll see how the rest of the day pans out. I would appreciate any prayers, thoughts, good vibes, or positive energy you could send her way.

Grandma in the hospital

I just wanted to let you know that I may be taking a few days (weeks?) away from the blog, or not blogging as frequently, while we figure out what’s up with grandma and what sort of care she’ll need and how we’ll get it. I appreciate your understanding. Again– thoughts, prayers, good vibes and positive energy is much much needed, and appreciated. Thank you!