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“April showers”
“April, where’s May and June?”
“April, it’s your month!”
Those were some of the things I heard in grade school. I used to hate the month of April (and my name!) because that’s all I would hear (boy, kids are cruel…) That, in addition to not paying attention in class and hearing my name (which was in context of a date), would startle me and make me think I was being called on ALL THE TIME… Nowadays, I find that people don’t tease me as much so when someone calls me “April Showers” I say, “if you’re lucky!” or when they ask me where May and June are, I tell them I don’t know about May, but June (my sister!) is doing well. And yes, April IS my month!! 🙂
(And because I know what you were thinking, no, my birthday is not in April either…)

This week’s inspiration is April Showers, in honor of the month of April that’s right around the corner! I hope you enjoy these lovely,lovely etsy finds!

april showers paper rosettes bouquet
april showers paper rosettes bouquet

Wednesday Inspiration- April Showers

1. April Showers 8×10

2. April Showers Cloud Handmade pendant with tiny blue Swarovski crystals raindrops rain clouds blue

3. April Showers Half Apron

4. April Showers– Duck in the Rain Embellishments — Set of 2

5. You Make Me Happy 5 x 5

6. Spring Whimsical rain Cloud Mobile for nursery

7. cloud mug

8. Yaroma – Morning Rain – Lace Weight

9. Wool Felt Umbrella Brooch – Lemon Yellow

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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