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160/365, originally uploaded by rottnapples.

So I finally joined the 21st century and created a fan/biz page for Creativeapples Photography! Stop by and check it out!!!

creativeapples photography now on facebook!

, originally uploaded by rottnapples.

i feel just about as hazy and blurry as this shot. 😦
hopefully, I will be feeling better soon, and will resume my regularly scheduled project365. In the meantime, please enjoy my poor attempt at a ttv, taken with my kodak bubble top camera.

, originally uploaded by .naa..

dear fear, fuck off...

Dear Fear,

I want you to just FUCK OFF and leave me alone. For good this time. I’m so fuckin’ tired of you holding me back all the time. I can’t do anything without you being there. I’m so sick of it.

Get the fuck out of my life. I’m so much better without you. Go find another victim to torment and leave me be.

not sorry,


p.s. I found a new lover- Trust

Inspiration for this post is found here- Fear, how to break up with the Bastard

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you have a wonderful and warm holiday with friends and family!!!!

um… yeah.. it’s a little brisk outside today.

What is disheartening is that it’s warmer in Anchorage, Alaska, than it is here…

Western Ave in the Blizzard of 1967, Chicago
photo by johnmartine63

okay, when i was singing along to “Let it Snow” the other day, I really didn’t mean it…

so, new mexico was awesome. i mean, AWESOME to the nth degree.

I loved every stinkin’ minute I was there. Thank you Sarah and Adam for letting us stay with you guys, for playing tour guide, and for being two super awesome people.  The best part, I think, was the time spent just chillin’ at their house, playing card games. Favorite memory: Sarah, with a glass of wine in her hand (that was never empty until both bottles were gone…)  laughing manically whilst playing Management Material.

*sigh*  The. Best. Time. Ever.

Thank you guys!

Check out my flickr slideshow of some of my photos from this last trip…New Mexico 2009

tomorrow, i’ll be back with some more…recent… updates!

New Mexico, here we come!

I am so excited! this time tomorrow we’ll be heading out to New Mexico to hang out with our awesome friends, Sarah and Adam!!!! I can’t wait to see them, drive to Taos,  relax, and tool around ABQ!!!!

I’ll be back monday. with updates and LOTSA photos!!!!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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