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Colorful Felt Flag Toppers by Mayi Carles
Colorful Flag Toppers, via mayicarles’ shop

As you know, I’m passionate about handmade. I’m also really passionate about helping other creative entrepreneurs achieve their goals, which is why I feature Etsy artists and post links/tips to help with marketing their handmade goods every week.

This is why I’m so incredibly excited tell you about a new website I’m involved with. April Bowles-Olin from Blacksburg Belle. has created an amazing website that is the one place to find all the information that you need to build a successful creative business. It’s called ARTreprenuer: The Art of Turning Creative Dreams Into Reality.


Some of the fabulous resources and features you’ll find each and every month are:

  • Expert Interviews– Learn from people who’ve already done it. Get yourself some mentors who’ll share all of their juiciest secrets and tips.
  • Awesome Classes-two classes every month that range anywhere from 15 minutes to 60 minutes and each class will have a workbook to accompany it
  • Expert Photography Tips and Instruction– (this is where I come in!) every month you’ll get easy-to-follow tips or tutorials each month to help you improve your photos and answer specific questions from members.
  • Online Shop Critiques– Every month two lucky members will be having their shop critiques by an incredibly successful entreprenuer. You can learn so much from seeing how these critiques help someone improve their product titles, SEO, item descriptions, pricing, and more.
  • Technical Tutorials-You’ll receive step-by-step basic, intermediate, and advanced technical techniques, so you can take your creative business to the next level.
  • Creative Tutorials and Tasks-These creative tutorials will range from right-brained activities like blind contour drawings to instructions on creating mixed media backgrounds for your creative business journal to learning a new art skill.
  • Book Club-weekly discussions on the books that we read and facilitators that will talk about how you can apply the concepts you read about to your creative biz.
  • You’ll also find resources that deal with accounting, and legal issues with running your creative business.

    Seriously, go check out the ARTrepreneur site for more details:
    ARTrepreneur: The Art of Turning Creative Dreams Into Reality

    I’d love to be a part in helping you make your creative dreams a reality!
    See you there!

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