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Hello! Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s minds over here at work. We’re planning special Valentine’s Day themed emails to send to our customers and folks are talking about what they’re buying for their significant other. Someone even brought in cute heart shaped marshmallows (they are pretty tasty!)

If you haven’t picked up anything for your significant other or yourself (hey– you’re allowed!) check out this weeks heart shaped inspiration from all over etsy!

Valentine's Day Monkey Amigurumi
Valentine’s Day Monkey Amigurumi

Wednesday Inspiration- Heart

1. Sweet Little Valentine Dachshund

2. Love paperie a garland of handcut hearts

3. ITTY BITTY Bite Size VALENTINE Heart Sugar Cookies, 8 Dozen

4. Love Birds Applique Onesie or tshirt

5. 40 Valentine RED Cardstock Hearts . 1.5 inch

6. Dopamine Molecule Heart Pin

7. BOGO Made With Love 8×10 Photography Print

8. Sushi Dish Set with Hearts (KISS – Linen White)

9. DESIGNER Hand Knit Baby Valentine Hat ORIGINAL Pixie Cap Red Hearts

Heart’s Desire, originally uploaded by rottnapples.

Hope your Valentine’s day was happy and full of love!

Sorry my New Arrival is a little late– I had a little bit of a traumatic afternoon yesterday. I came home and found my little pet frog dead. Of course this would happen the day after D leaves. I really couldn’t bring myself to touch him, much less sit in the apartment with a dead critter until I could work up enough nerve to remove him…so I ended up taking the whole tank, with the dead frog, all the way to my mom’s house so she could, ahem… take care of… it. Then I just chilled at mom’s house for a bit and watched Dr. Who (hello! Why did no one tell me what a great show that is??!!)

So, here’s my new arrival– I love how the petals in the center form a heart!

The Perfect Rose- 8x10 Fine Art Print
The Perfect Rose- 8x10 Fine Art Print
You can find this gorgeous print in my etsy shop
as well as in my Art Fire shop

Happy Monday!!!!
Man, it was such a NICE weekend! I got to hang out with grandma, paint a little, knit (gasp! I think I may have nearly finished a scarf!!!) and started culling some photos from my hard drive in preparation to start backing them up. Yesterday, I even played with my polymer clay! I made a bird and I LOVE it!!! I will post pics after I get it painted. It’s lopsided, but I think that’s part of the charm!!!

Today’s Macro Monday theme is “Be my Valentine.”
Macro Mondays- Be my Valentine

I took this shot this afternoon in the car while there was a brief bit of sunshine. It didn’t turn out too bad!!! (I just may use this as a card instead of this shot)

Hope you all have a great monday!

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