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Hello! Happy Wednesday! Oh man, I am so ready for spring. Last week we were teased with near 60degree weather. That was so awesome! The mountains of snow were finally starting to melt… Fast forward one week– more snow. Okay, so yesterday was a mere dusting compared to the nearly two feet we received a few weeks ago, but seriously? I am so so so tired of the snow and cold weather. I did see a little robin outside my apartment last week so that gives me hope that spring is just around the corner…. I hope you enjoy some of the awesome robin-themed finds from across etsy! I hope spring is starting in your neck of the woods!

Little Robin Zipper PouchLittle Robin Zipper Pouch

Wednesday Inspiration- Robin

1. French Script Pillow Cover “Robin” from Gathered Comforts

2. Mod Bird and Silver Nest with Turquoise Eggs

3. Robins on a Branch Brass Filigree Bird Necklace Vintage Style Altered Art

4. Our Nest – The Perfect Little Sign to Help You Feather Your Nest in Robins Egg Blue

5. Round Robin – 8×10 Art Print of my Original Watercolor Painting

6. Fine Art Print. Nesting In Numbers. Sepia Photograph

7. Red Robin Bird Felt Clippie

8. Gray Autumn- rustic fall inspired soft gray and burgundy with a pop of crimson red photograph of a robin in the woodlands of Chicago- Fine Art Nature Photograph- 8×8

9. Robin Birds Garland Handmade of Muslin Fabric

Thanks for checking out all these great etsy shops!!! Have a great day!

Hello!!! This weeks inspiration is all about squirrels! Check out some of the cutest squirrel related items I found surfing (ahem! researching) etsy…

Wednesday Inspiration- SQUIRRELS!

1. In the Woodland Fabric (not vinyl) Wall Decals – large, by Jillian Phillips

2. Acorn Necklace Autumns Harvest

3. Squirrel print 5×7

4. sterling squirrel necklace

5. BOX OF TEN Holiday/Christmas Squirrel Cards

6. Red Squirrel – merino fingering

7. Its My Acorn… Its Mine…Its Mine – Squirrel and his Precious Acorn – Ice Age Inspired, Adorable, Whimsical

8. 6 Wool Acorns- Yellow and White Felted Acorns.

9. Belchik – The Mischievous Woodland Squirrel Plush – Made to order

Hello! I can’t believe it’s NOVEMBER already!!! We were really fortunate to have a mild and pleasant October, but now, it’s starting to get downright chilly. I’ve had frost on my car every morning for the past few days. The office seems to be extraordinary cold this week, and they are predicting the first flurries of the season (mixed with rain). So this weeks inspiration is Chilly!



2. Hydrangea, You melt my heart – frosted crimson petals against a black winter background – a romantic photograph

3. Pumpkin Orange Organza Flower Hat

4. Chilly Penguin Cupcake Toppers

5. Gilded Snow Necklace

6. Winter Forest

7. Ice – Winter White Paper Garland

8. MADE TO ORDER…Ivory Cape

9. My Favourite Spot in Winter

Hello! Happy Wednesday! It’s been feeling very crisp here lately, the trees have definitely begun their autumnal transformation, Starbucks is selling pumpkin spice lattes once again, and I’ve made my annual journey to the pumpkin farm. I LOVE this (too brief!) season! Today’s inspiration is Autumn Leaves— I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday Inspiration- Autumn Leaves

1. Botanical earrings

2. Japanese Maple No. 2 – fine art nature photography print

3. Autumn Harvest – Holiday Art Wreath


5. First Day of Autumn Folk Art Print

6. Swirling Leaves…Luxurious Olive Oil Soap…Cold Process…Fall Line

7. Sweet Leaves – Woodland Owl Fabric Branches

8. ONE Large Textured Leaf in Raspberry Red

9. The perfect beanie in pumpkin

Happy Wednesday! Well, it’s halfway through the work week and I thought that a little Nerd inspiration would make you smile!

Go ahead–Let your inner nerd out! (I can’t be the only one who covets all this awesome nerd-goodness?)

Wednesday Inspiration- Nerds!

1. Carbon Glass Period Table Tile Necklace – Tan and Gray

2. Nerdy Baby 1 2 3 Flash Cards

3. Black 20 Sided Dice Cufflinks 20d

4. Helvetica for Typography Nerds

5. 4 Geekery Drinking Glasses

6. Nerd Notecards/Postcards

7. Nerd Girl Magnet

8. I would call him WOODROW – Toy Windup Robot Fine Art Photography

9. Sci-Fi Blue Police Phone Booth Gadget Case

I want a tattoo. I’ve wanted one forever, but I am soooooo afraid of the pain. Oh, I know, everyone tells me it feels like a nasty sunburn. You know what? I don’t like sunburns. I’ve gone with a few ex’s to the tattoo parlor and watched as they were getting tats. I’ve seen the grimaces on their faces, the biting of lips (I thought I saw tears once…) That’s totally not for me. However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about what I would get. Here are a few tattoos that I would love to have, but for now, I’m perfectly content on admiring them on others…)


Bird and Cage Tattoo

Future Tattoo

originally uploaded by rottnapples.

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