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Hello!!! Happy Monday!
This weekend was really really nice, despite feeling a little short. It was nice AND super productive. I bought a sweet vintage camera (Kodak Brownie Starflex) and magically acquired an old Canon film camera complete with 3 sweet lenses, a flash, and a super cool vintage camera strap!
canon film camera(thank you, Mr. Cohn!)

As I was shopping around for more vintage cameras (I’m looking for a Imperial Mark XII Flash Camera in teal) i paused to count how many I have. Twenty. Twenty cameras. I think I need help… they make pills for this, right? Now I just need to find a cool way to display them. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment– I would LOVE to hear them!!!!

In between shopping and acquiring vintage cameras, I added six 8″x8″ oil paintings to my etsy shop.
8x8 original fine art oil painting

8x8 Original Oil Paintings from Creativeapples
I am so in love with these paintings. I hope that they find a good home (I need the space for all the new paintings I am working on!)
Stop by my etsy shop and check them out!

I’m totally in love with this painting! I assure you– it looks waaaay better in person! (I’ll probably add it to my etsy shop after I stop staring and get better photos of it!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

Original Oil Painting

It’s almost finished! I’m putting the final touches and painting the edges now. I should be finished with it this weekend! (I’m so in love with this painting!) Can I tell you how happy I am to be painting again? I’ve painted more this year than in the past 5 years put together. I love it.

There are still more paintings I’m working on (and a few commissioned pieces I have yet to start–no, John, I haven’t forgotten about your painting!!) I’m starting to run out of room to hang them… I was thinking of having/hosting an open house or “trunk show” sort of thing and having everyone I know come by and buy stuff right off my walls (if they were so inclined.) How fun would that be! I think I’ll do it next spring. This will give me time to 1.)make MORE and 2.)do some major cleaning. Or, maybe I can find someone’s garage to “rent” and throw a little backyard bbq as well… hmmmm… still need to plan that. If you have some ideas, I’d LOVE to hear them!!!

(start saving your pennies people!!! *smile*)

I’m finally finished with this painting!

this is how it started:
Dahlia Painting
Step 2: blocking in colors (it spent years in this stage!)
dahlia painting
Step 3: Nearly complete!
dahlia painting
I am *so* in love with this painting– it turned out far better than I would have imagined! (I’m running out of wall space!)

Happy Friday! I’m so glad it’s the weekend! Actually, I can’t complain. I had a pretty good week. I got to play in the makeshift photo studio at work for a couple of days. That was cool!! (now I want some of those professional light sets– man, they are waaaaaaay better than the little desk lamps we use at home!)  I’m hoping that they like the shots so that I’ll get to photograph more often. Right now, we’re trying to photograph little odds and ends for the web– stuff that’s not cost effective to send to a real studio, but we still need an image for. Bring it on I say. Bring it on!!!!

As promised, here is my new painting!

You can find this for sale in my Art Fire and etsy store!
(I am digging the whole coffee series. I’ve got one more in the works!)

Happy Friday! I’m pretty glad it’s finally Friday. I get to hang out with my grandma again! Shhhh… don’t tell her– Its supposed to be a surprise. Boy, will she be surprised (and pissed!) that I’ll be there again! (hee hee!) She totally has some sort of plan, (probably to stand on a chair and clean something?) and she was nosy about what time mom was getting up, and leaving for work, and quite adamant about making sure I would be going to work… she definitely has something up her sleeve! Ah, she’s so cute!

So, today I added one of my newest paintings in my Art Fire and Etsy shops.  I just **LOVE** this painting so much!

cuppa joe- 12x12 original oil painting

cuppa joe- 12x12 original oil painting

Cuppa Joe
Oil Painting on canvas
(30.48cm x 30.48cm)

This is an original oil painting on stretched canvas. The sides are painted red so its ready to hang with or without a frame.

You can find it in my Art Fire shop

It’s also available in my etsy shop

Next week, I will be adding my blue coffee cup painting!!!
Thanks everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!

All the negative qualities are overy exaggerated now.

finally! i think i started this one a few years ago!!! I ended up going over the whole thing and basically repainted it. (i am in love!)
west mitten butte
If you love it as much as I do, you can find it for sale in my etsy shop!
West Mitten Butte
12×12 Oil on Canvas

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