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So, this may be the biggest crafty endeavor I take on yet–I am going to try and make a baby quilt for my pregnant friend. Hopefully, it will be finished just about the time her baby is due (in late December or early January…no pressure, right?)

I am so excited to start– never mind that I still don’t know how to operate my sewing machine and I have NO clue how to sew two pieces of fabric together much less make a quilt…That’s what my mom is for. One day next week I’m going to schlep the Beast (aka, my sewing machine) over to my moms house so she can do it for me… um.. i mean, so she can help me get started…

oh– I am still in the middle of the super secret gift. I feel I am making good progress on that one. I may not need to call for backup after all….

yay! so excited…

(don’t worry— I’ll provide updates with how this project is going!!)

wish me luck! (oh, and if you have any sewing/quilting tips for a complete beginner, please share!)

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another day where it was really late and i realized i hadn’t taken my 365 yet. the result is a crappy, non-creative, hurried 365 featuring a section of my bookshelf.

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it’s true. I’m going. (for a weekend)

I can’t wait.

If anyone can suggest things to do and/or see, leave me a comment!

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This shot was taken at my new favorite breakfast place, Wildberry Cafe. They have tiramisou pancakes. ‘Nuff said.

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Man, I’m starting to run out of ideas for my project 365 (I have 270 days left!!! not that i’m counting or anything…) I didn’t take one during the day, I didn’t take one on the way to Carols store… It was late when I got home and I wasn’t in the mood nor was I inspired.

Ox to the rescue! He whispered “hey! why don’t you take a picture of me?” I thought about it, and thought, why not? Ox is pretty photogenic, I’m sure he’ll help me get a fair amount of views on flickr… I set up a little space on my desk for Ox, got my argus 75 camera set up, and Ox got into position. “okay, say cheese…” Jeero, always wanting to be the center of attention, jumped into the frame just as I clicked the shutter. Silly Jeero. I actually liked the shot, but Ox was furious and accused Jeero of stealing his thunder. And his Cookies.

I spent the rest of the night playing referee! Poor Ox…

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so.. yeah, I had a rather rough weekend. Well, rough Saturday afternoon. It all started out innocently enough- I went to Dominick’s to pick up some supplies for dinner. I happen to like the Dominick’s in Park Ridge because they have the underground parking garage– perfect for parking in inclement weather! (it was raining Saturday) I got my supplies, load up the car, I get in and back out of my spot…you know where this is going, don’t you? Yeah, I ended up miscalculating my turn and backup ratio and ended up turning my car into a support beam.

My beautiful car, that is only 8 months old, now has a nasty and ugly dent in the front quarter panel. There will be no photos because I’m terribly embarrassed that I made such a stupid (and COSTLY) mistake. I have to take her in tomorrow morning to get her repaired.

So Sunday, to make myself feel better, I went to Blicks. I went in for just one thing– all I needed was ONE large-ish canvas for a project. I walked out with a few canvases, some new brushes, a maple board that I’m going to experiment with and try to adhere photos to, adhesive for said experiment, a new sketchbook…I seriously can’t spend less than $50 in that store.

I did learn some valuable lessons this weekend:
1. not to park in the underground parking garage at Dominick’s anymore.
2. going to Blicks for retail therapy isn’t the answer. I felt great until I walked out to my car and saw the dent. All those warm, fuzzy, I can’t wait to paint feelings that I had in the store disintegrated as soon as I got back to my car.

Hopefully, she’ll be better in a few days…

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Exakta V.

I bought this camera because first of all, it looks cool, and secondly, for it’s ttv potential. I am really liking the vintage, old skool, dirty ttv look in photography. I am starting to experiment (re: have more fun!) I bought a few vintage camera gems for ttv, I got a Diana camera as a gift and have shot a roll of film (yes! they still make film!) I have yet to have it developed. In the meantime I also have a new Holga to play with, and two polaroid cameras too. (This is going to be a busy spring and summer!)

here are a few experimental ttv shots I’ve taken.

aken with the Exakta V
taken with the Argoflex 75

taken with one of my kodak twin lens reflex cameras

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i have a small fascination for robots– especially, Robby the Robot

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